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€2,500 Grant for eCommerce Spend, for only 10% cost. Provided by your Local Enterprise Board.

Who are we?

Talent Cloud Media is an Audience Analytics and Marketing platform that gives companies the right tools to attract Talent or Customers, anywhere in the World.

Our Goal is to help you Sell your company or products.

We build targeted Audiences based on analytics on social media. We focus on Sales and Marketing Actions to attract more customers to your page, brand or product.

We take pride in creating Great visuals and strong attractive Ad content, which we then promote through sponsored advertising at a very finely targeted Talent audience. Building your Brand or promoting your opportunities or products is what we do best, so potential Customers can see your Brand a number of times during a campaign. We can identify users anywhere in the World, for any type of sectors and in any industry.

What will you get?

  • Create a Social Media presence: Have people find you on social media
  • Social Media Branding: Get people to know your Brand
  • Lead Generation Campaigns: Create opportunities to acquire new Clients
  • Client Analytics: understand who your clients should be and their behavior
  • Google Ads Campaigns: Advertise your business on Google to reach the right people
  • Digital Sales Strategy: Create a plan of action for 3/6/12 months to identify and grow your customer base
  • Create an eCommerce focused page to Start selling online

About our Client Acquisition campaigns:

We will build your audience according to your target requirements.
We will design and create an attractive Brand or Product focused Ad campaign with your logo and visual provided.

We will promote your sponsored Ads. 

We drive customer acquisition by creating great campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin.
Brand your Company or create a Great Product offer on Social Media to drive thousands to find your business.

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Next step? Once you have completed your seminar, you will need to fill in your application. We will give you a quote for services, to submit to your Local Enterprise Board. We will then set up your campaign and launch it.
You will receive potential customers directly to you via your chosen channel.

Any questions? Contact us now on or use our Whatsapp link on the right of the screen, or even call us on 00353 17614744.

And remember, Customers are now just a few steps away from you!