Social Media Recruitment using Talent Analytics and programmatic advertising to reach the right candidates everywhere on the Internet

Recruitment marketing using Talent analytics is the most efficient solution to target the right Talent at the right cost

Our Expertise

Talent Analytics enables us to find the Right Talent for you on Social Media. Social Recruiting with the right analytics is THE Revolution to reach untapped candidates. So, having a Recruitment Marketing Strategy in place is crucial to reach passive candidates, and Talent Cloud Media does just that!
We know where to find the candidates you need and we know how to attract them.

Our Tailored Service

We first build the right Talent audience, then create and design specific attractive recruitment campaigns on social media. We target to reach specific users, within a large pool of high quality and untouched candidates who are persuaded by a concept or a brand, not a need! Our campaigns reach users on many platforms such as Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Glassdoor and many more.

Why Talent Cloud Media

Using Talent Analytics and Recruitment marketing, we reach 80% of the Global workforce on social media channels. We design attractive campaigns to boost your Employer Brand. As a result, we can help reduce your cost per hire, while optimizing your recruitment budget. Therefore, using leading edge social media recruitment methods unlocks access to great candidates you never had before!

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First, we use Talent Analytics to identify your audience. We then create visuals for your campaigns focusing on audience type, reach expected and platform choice. Our Campaigns will enable you to Reach thousands of potential job seekers to market your employer brand and generate the right applicants. Campaign prices vary based on type, length and selected networks. Click to find out more.

Talent Analytics for International Social Media Recruitment & Employer Branding

Experts in Talent and social media recruitment advertising campaign, Talent Cloud Media is an innovative Talent Analytics solution for international recruitment using marketing & Employer branding. We are based in Dublin, Ireland, but operate across the World. We build very specific Talent Audiences, then create Great visual campaigns to attract and recruit talent anywhere.
Talent Cloud Media offers an exclusive service, identifying your Talent pool on social media, then marketing your International vacancies to well selected audiences of passive, semi active and active candidates. We choose carefully social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat to name a few.
We create leading Employer Branding campaigns to attract Top Talent to your team. If you need to recruit locally or far away on foreign markets, we can give you our expertise working internationally. We provide leading recruitment advertising methodologies by using the most advanced social media demographic targeting and creative campaign development and management.
Let us take the hassle out of recruiting across the world, and you will considerably reduce the time you spend on sourcing and the cost of expensive international recruitment agencies!
Talk to your Target Candidate Market. Talk to Talent Cloud Media.

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Full Targeted and Social Media Recruitment Campaigns
Brian F. -


Talent Solutions Director

With 15 years experience in Recruitment, Brian is our Recruitment Expert with a love for all things Digital. His super power? Delighting our customers base by offering the latest solutions in Social Recruiting. During the weekends you will find him hanging out in many garden centres across Ireland in an attempt to source the next addition to his ever expanding Olive tree garden.

Chris D. -


Technical Project Manager

With a love for all things techie (have we said nerdy?) and a background in development, Chris is our dedicated Technical Project Manager. His super power? Making sure all the things you don't see run absolutely smoothly and delivering top notch operations. His passions include writing about the future of marketing and branding, and enjoying hikes in the Dublin mountains.

Design Team

Design Team

Social Media Magician

With years of experience in Digital Marketing including expertise in Recruitment, marketing services on Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, our design team has a super power! Transforming creative briefs into high converting advertising campaigns. We can produce great ads, great picture and also videos.

John M. -


Chief Executive Officer

John has spent 20 years in the Recruitment field and came up with the idea that innovation was key to the future of recruiting. The idea of using social media not only to post pictures and silly content, but to advertise jobs came naturally. He enjoys looking at the bigger picture!

Contact our Social Media experts today to create, optimize, and manage the best targeted international recruitment campaigns you could ever do. Find the Best Talent, Post your Brand and your Jobs on leading social media and in any language, anywhere in the World.

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