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My name is Dr. Edward Kelly. I am an experienced international facilitator and have led multiple seminars at companies such as INTEL, ACCENTURE, GOOGLE, BDO, AIB BANK and others.

In 2014, I founded The Third Act organisation to both educate people on the impact of human longevity as well as to assist them in their transition and development.

I have a PhD in leadership development, an MBA, BA, CIM & ITC. I am also a founding member of the Action Inquiry a network of international development consultants but more importantly I am viscerally passionate about people.

TCM: What were the motivations behind the launch of the Expanding Horizons Programme?

Edward: Over the past 100 years we’ve added 2 ½ yrs in longevity per decade, that’s almost 20 – 25 years. So what impact is that having on us socially, organisationally and personally.

Also, what are organisations doing to help their employees face this reality?

TCM: If I say overqualified, what do you think?

Edward: I think of how overqualified many over 50’s employees are for what they are currently doing and equally underqualified they are for this next stage of their lives. This is quite a gap because it’s not just about what will you do, but more fundamentally, what will you be?

Edward Kelly -

TCM: Past the age stigma do you think over 50’s are lagging behind when it comes to personal branding?

Edward: Yes, but remember, it’s not individuals who created human longevity. Human longevity is a social creation that individuals now have to deal with. So of course we as individuals need to upgrade our personal branding, but society and the organisations also need to play their part.

TCM: What is on your roadmap for the next 12 months?

Edward: Lots of individuals have come to me over the past 5 years to explore what impact human longevity will have on their lives, but not organisations. Also Society doesn’t seem unduly concerned either. So in 12 months time I would like to have found how why and what we can do about it.

TCM: What is the question you would have liked me to ask you and why?

Edward: Why are organisations not doing more to support their over 50’ employees and what can we do about it.

The Third Act in life is not something you create, rather it is something that ensues from your engagement in meaningful activities, relationships and practices

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