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We are experts in European and International recruitment, using digital marketing and social media recruitment campaigns to attract top talent. Talent Cloud Media offers clients an exclusive tailored service for their international recruitment campaigns.
Talent Cloud Media is a leading specialised European Recruitment Marketing Agency, focusing on candidate driven targeted recruitment campaigns in Europe on Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, SnapChat and Twitter. We route to market your open positions to hundreds of thousands of potential candidates in either English or their native tongue whilst analysing results and promoting your employer brand to encourage followers and applications to your growing teams.



Optimize your recruitment budget – Reach Active and Passive candidates through social media recruitment targeted campaigns, advertising or Employer branding across Europe.

About Us

20 years of expertise working across European markets with industry specific job boards and social recruitment marketing tools.

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Contact our Multilingual experts today to create, optimize, and manage your targeted international recruitment campaigns on leading social media and in core European languages.


Drive a successful international Recruitment Advertising and Employer Branding campaign.
Social Media Recruitment is the most efficient solution to target the right audience at the right cost.

Our Expertise

  • Social Media Recruitment is THE Revolution to reach untapped candidates.  Having a Recruitment Marketing Strategy in place is crucial to reach passive candidates, and Talent Cloud Media does just that!
  • We target Active and Passive candidates using smart social media recruiting solutions
  • We don’t just promote your jobs, we tell your story, promoting your brand to potential new hires, also reaching your employees, and customers. We create proactive engagement in your community through social media.
  • Our Multilingual marketers create and manage campaigns in English, German, French or Spanish in key European countries
  • Extensive international recruitment experience with leading European advertising job boards, social media campaigns and Employer Branding
  • Industry specific creative employment advertising

Why Talent Cloud Media

  • Substantially reduce your cost per hire model, optimizing your recruitment budget
  • Use leading edge social media recruitment methods to reach passive candidates
  • Develop your employer branding and attract new Talent
  • Multilingual Recruitment and Marketing experts


Experts in European recruitment campaigns, Talent Cloud Media offers an exclusive service, marketing your European vacancies to well selected audiences of passive candidates, on carefully selected  social media such as Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram or Glassdoor. We also create leading Employer Branding campaigns to attract top Talent to your team.

No need for you to research a foreign market, as we give you our expertise of 20 years working across Europe with leading recruitment methods, using social media, targeting the right potential audience, reaching passive and active candidates.

Trust us to take the hassle out of recruiting in various countries, and you will considerably reduce the need for those expensive recruitment agencies! Try Recruitment Marketing, as the new way forward!

We provide employers with the most efficient recruitment advertising tools in any European country.

We support your direct recruitment model by giving your company and brand, access to major social media channels that your competitors don’t have access to. You can reach thousands of new potential candidates using recruitment marketing.

A straight to market campaign will enable you to save on using various hard to find recruitment job boards and partners, saving you thousands and headaches of trusting someone that doesn’t know your business.

Our campaigns include well selected Social Media, creation of a tailored campaign, assessing your most suitable potential audience, and targeting using creative methods. We can also advertise on key European job boards within core countries, as well as network advertising platforms

We have assisted many of the World’s leading multinationals in advertising their vacancies across Europe. Contact us today how to solve your recruitment issues or grow your employer’s identity.

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