A Tailored Service for your recruitment marketing campaigns

Converting passive candidates to potential hires on social media is THE Revolution in recruiting and we are leading the charge. We are winning the war for talent.

For you, Talent Cloud Media will:

  • Be 100% focused on Targeting Passive candidates, whilst also attracting the attention of Active candidates to your employer brand
    • We use precise techniques on social media, with identified specific key criteria, to target a pool of high quality and untouched candidates who are persuaded by a concept, not a need!
    • Our campaigns can target audiences on many social media platforms such as Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Glassdoor and many more.
  • Focus on Your Corporate and Employer Branding
    • Unlike recruitment agencies, we market your brand only, and tell Your Story and showcase Your Culture. We don’t just promote your jobs, we tell your story promoting your brand to potential new hires also reaching your employees, and customers. We create proactive engagement in your community through social media
  • Provide our extensive expertise of International recruitment and digital marketing with our very experienced International team
  • Optimise your staff search by finding your ideal audience and targeting them, to engage them directly towards your brand and vacancies
  • Provide full detailed measurement and analytics of each campaign with constant review and intervention to achieve the best possible results from your digital recruitment campaign
  • Improve your cost per hire ratio, enabling major savings by doing your very own direct recruitment marketing
  • Greatly reduce your recruitment budget, lowering usage of job boards and costly recruitment agencies
  • Minimise internal administration on recruitment advertising over numerous job boards, saving you time
  • Open up the European market to your business by creating campaigns in any location
  • Restricted on marketing on social media – We can target your audience under our name!
  • We can also select key job boards and postings for a fraction of the normal cost and translate your adverts in the required language.

Choose one of our tailored Social Media campaigns:

White Cloud Offer:

  • 1 Innovative Recruitment Marketing campaign on Facebook + 1 campaign on Linkedin + Advertisers Network
  • Duration – 30 days
  • Performance review analysis to ensure best returns
  • Potential Reach: > 500,000 impressions + thousands of clicks + Branding Engagement

Blue Cloud Offer:

  • 2 Innovative Recruitment Marketing campaigns on Facebook + 1 campaign on Linkedin + 1 campaign on selected social media + Advertisers Network + 1 advert on a leading Job board
  • Duration – 30 days
  • Constant performance review analysis
  • Review and proposal of improvement of your employer branding
  • Potential Reach: < 500,000 impressions + thousands of clicks + Branding Engagement

Gold Cloud Offer: (Several vacancies, volume requirements or specific key search)

  • 4 Innovative Diverse Recruitment Marketing campaigns on Facebook + 2 large campaign on Linkedin (Passive and Active) + 2 campaigns on other selected social medias + Advertisers Network + 2 specific adverts on leading selected Job boards
  • Duration – 30 days
  • Constant performance review analysis
  • Sourcing Support from an expert Consultant, adding Active selected candidates into your pipeline
  • Review and improvement of your employer branding with a 30 day campaign
  • Potential Reach: < 1,000,000 impressions + tens of thousands of clicks + Branding Engagement, guaranteeing dozens of applications + minimum 10 selected suitable candidates presented.

Target. Market. Select.
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